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Your health insurance through REITAN

On this page, you will find information on how to get started quickly and easily if you become ill or injured - as well as what you can use your health insurance for.

At Gjensidige, we believe that feeling securie in your everyday life is not just about being healthy. It is also about being guaranteed prompt treatment if you become ill or injured.

Your health insurance is your shortcut to examination and treatment.

Your benefits of being covered by a health insurance

  • Quick access to examination and treatment
  • Increased peace of mind in your day-to-day life
  • A reply within 1-2 working days after having reported a need for help
  • Nationwide and quality-assured treatment network
Did you know, that your children can use the benefits of the insurance for free?

Coverage included in your health insurance

What is included in my coverage?

Get examination and treatment by a physiotherapist* and/or chiropractor. You can also get occupational therapy, foot therapy, dietitian guidance and rehabilitation after surgery in the musculoskeletal system covered.

With physical treatment, you can e.g. get help for:

  • Physiotherapy and chiropractic in our own treatment network (get the needs-determined/required number of treatments).
  • Off-network physiotherapy and chiropractic (treatments are granted for up to 12 months).
  • Foot therapy: Up to 6 treatments per. 12 months.
  • Occupational therapy: Up to 10 treatments in the musculoskeletal system per. 12 months. It is covered with up to DKK 395 per. treatment with an occupational therapist.
  • Dietitian guidelines (BMI under 18 and over 30 or for serious illnesses*, including heart disease requiring medical treatment, gluten intolerance, diabetes and metabolic disorders requiring treatment) are covered for up to 4 months.

*Requires a doctor’s referral

See more about the coverage

Get treatment from an acupuncturist, reflexologist or masseur for injuries/disorders related to muscles, joints, tendons and/or bones (the musculoskeletal system). The treatments must be handled by a Registered Alternative Therapist (RAB).

With alternative treatment you can access:

  • Acupuncture (Up to 10 treatments per 12 months)
  • Reflexology (Up to 10 treatments per 12 months)
  • Massage (Up to 4 treatments per 12 months)

It is covered with up to DKK 395 per. treatment with an
acupuncturist, reflexologist and masseur.

See more about the coverage

Get up to 12 treatments for chronic disorders related to muscles, joints, tendons and/or bones (musculoskeletal system) in or out of network. Osteopathy for chronic musculoskeletal disorders
outside the network is covered by up to DKK 500 per treatment.

See more about the coverage

Get up to 10 treatments from an osteopath for injuries/disorders related to muscles, joints, tendons and/or bones (moving apparatus) inside or outside the network. Treatments performed outside our network are covered by up to DKK 500 per treatment.

Osteopathy only applies to you as an employee.

See more about the coverage

Get treatment from a psychologist as well as emergency psychological crisis help in the event of serious accidents, death, or if you have a life-threatening illness. Psychological evaluation by a psychiatrist is also covered.

With mental health treatment you can e.g. get help for:

  • Psychologist treatment in our own treatment network (get the needs-determined/required number of treatments).
  • Off-network psychologist treatment (the necessary treatment for up to 6 months). Off-network treatments are covered by amounts corresponding to the practice fee for a psychologist service in accordance with the public health.
  • Psychological evaluation and medical start-up/or adjustment by a psychiatrist is covered for up to 6 months and can take place in or outside the network. Off-network treatments are covered with up to DKK 2,000 per consultation.

*Requires a doctor’s referral

See more about the coverage

Receive treatment for alcohol, drug and medicine abuse as well as gambling addiction.

Treatment for alcohol, drug and medicine abuse:
• No restrictions on number of courses and are covered a maximum of DKK 85,000.

Treatment for gambling addiction:
• Covered for up to 3 months with a maximum of DKK 60,000.

See more about the coverage

As soon as we have approved your treatment needs you can receive examination and treatment within 10 working days from a specialist in our nationwide treatment network. In addition, dietitian guidance, dental treatment after accidents, allergy vaccination and rehabilitation after surgery in the musculoskeletal system are also covered.

  • Requirement of referral is assessed on a case-by-case basis, and thus on the basis of whether the available information is sufficient.

*Requires a doctor’s referral

See more about the coverage

The Health Compass contains all the options that you as a citizen of Denmark have access to via the yellow health card. We can guide you through the public health system if your injury or illness is not covered by your health insurance according to our insurance terms.

See more about the coverage

With the preventive counselling line, you have access to health professionals who, among other things, can help you with advice on how to increase your well-being, tackle privacy issues, get started on physical lifestyle changes and give you tools on how to deal with stress.

See more about the coverage

If you need help

Life happens and sometimes you need a little help to get by. We are here to make sure, you are taken care of when you are in need of your health insurance.

File your claim online

  1. Download and fill out the claim form
  2. Once you've filled out the form login with a Danish NemID and upload the form to us. Unfortunately this page is in Danish, but all you need to do is upload the form.
  3. We begin to process your claim

The claim process
Your claim will be processed within 1-2 workdays after we receive it. We'll let you know whether your insurance covers the claim or not and how to proceed with booking a treatment or further examination. 

If further information from your physician is required for us to process your claim we'll let you know - as processing time may take longer.

Do you need help?

We are ready to help you with your claim by phone.

Please, call us on +(45) 6520 2120 

Opening hours
Monday-Thursday: 9 am to 4 pm
Friday: 9 am to 3 pm. 

Fill your clam online

With your health insurance, you can also take out cover for your spouse/cohabitant.

Price for your spouse/cohabitant: DKK 3.095,25
Annual price per. person incl. non-life insurance tax of 1.1% of the price of the insurance and guarantee fund contribution of DKK 40.
The price is valid up to and including 01.12.2024

For spouses/cohabitants, it applies that examination and treatment of illnesses and injuries that occurred before registration is only covered after 6 months of insurance (waiting period). If your family has had health insurance with another company, the earned seniority can be transferred and set off against the qualifying period. However, there must be no slip between the two insurances.

You can register your spouse/cohabitant by clicking the link below and filling out the form. This is also where you find the applicable insurance conditions. Spouses/cohabitants and children are covered by our private insurance conditions. Unfortunately, spouse/cohabitant and children cannot go to an osteopath or physiotherapist without a referral. Find product sheet (IPID) here.

The first charge is free. If you register your health insurance with Betalingsservice (payment service), you will avoid future collection fees of DKK 50 per month. charging. Sign up for Betalingsservice here.

Register spouse/cohabitant

Investigation, surgery or treatment of illness and injury in all your children under 24 years of age. This applies to both children living at home and abroad, including yours, mine and ours. We recommend that you register your children online on My page under ”Create my family” (Opret min familie). That way, we can quickly identify them if they need help through

Please note that the coverage expires on the day your children turn 24.

Go to Min side to register your children

We always cover injuries, illnesses and ailments in accordance with our current insurance conditions. The applicable insurance conditions can be found below or by logging in to My page (Min side) on our website.

  1. Conditions of insurance*
  2. IPID sheet*
  3. Fact sheet

*Only in Danish

Do you need help?

If you have questions about your options, coverage, claims notification or the like, you are always welcome to contact us by phone at (+45) 70 10 90 09. You are also welcome to write an email to us at: sundhed-info@gjensidige.dk