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Your health insurance through REITAN

On this page, you will find information on how to get started quickly and easily if you become ill or injured - as well as what you can use your health insurance for.

At Gjensidige, we believe that feeling securie in your everyday life is not just about being healthy. It is also about being guaranteed prompt treatment if you become ill or injured.

Your health insurance is your shortcut to examination and treatment.

Your benefits of being covered by a health insurance

  • Quick access to examination and treatment
  • Increased peace of mind in your day-to-day life
  • A reply within 1-2 working days after having reported a need for help
  • Nationwide and quality-assured treatment network
Did you know, that your children can use the benefits of the insurance for free?

Coverage included in your health insurance

Private hospital and clinic

If you are referred to a specialist by your general practitioner, and the injury is eligible for cover, examination or treatment will be initiated in our quality-assured treatment network within 10 working days from the time we have approved the claim. You also have the possibility of having surgery, X-rays, ultrasound scans and other types of diagnostic examinations covered. Follow-up and rehabilitation after musculoskeletal surgery will also be covered.

Treatment/surgery of chronic conditions

If you are diagnosed with a chronic condition during the insurance period, you can have treatment or surgery covered for up to 6 months from the time of diagnosis. You can also get GLA:D training (Godt Liv med Artrose i Danmark = Good Life with Osteoarthritis in Denmark) covered if you are diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the knees or hips, or if you have a long-term back condition. The training is covered beyond the 6 months from the time of diagnosis.

Physical treatment

You can get access to various forms of treatment such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, reflexology and acupuncture for injuries/diseases in the musculoskeletal system. You do not need a doctor’s referral if you are going to physiotherapy.

Mental treatment

You have the possibility of getting treatment for psychological problems and mental challenges at a psychologist or psychiatrist. In addition, we also offer emergency crisis assistance in the event of serious, sudden incidents.

Foot therapy

You can get treatments from a podiatrist covered if there is a health-related need, e.g. ingrown nails.


You have the possibility of obtaining reasonable and necessary guidance from an authorized dietician if there is a medical assessment that your nutritional status poses a health risk.

The Preventive Counselling Line

You can get advice on well-being and lifestyle by telephone. We offer, for example, tools for managing stress or tools for physical lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise habits.

Gjensidige's Abuse Line

With the Abuse Line, you can get anonymous guidance and advice about problems and challenges of being in or close to a relation with abuse, including suspicions of abuse/overuse.

Health Compass (Sundhedskompas)

We help you, regardless of whether your illness or injury is covered by the health insurance or not. With the Health Compass, you get access to a personal health advisor who will follow you through the entire treatment process. We are ready to help you with guidance and advice for examination and treatment, injury prevention as well as complaints and compensation.

Gambling addiction treatment

You can get treatment for diagnosed gambling addiction (gambling for money). Gambling is covered with 1 course of treatment.

Addiction treatment

You can get treatment for alcohol, drug and medication abuse. Addiction treatment is covered with 1 course of treatment.

Collective child cover

Your health insurance not only provides quick access to examination and treatment for yourself. All your children (yours, mine and ours) under the age of 24 with a civil registry address in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Greenland or Germany are automatically covered. We recommend that you register your children online on My page (Min side) under “Create my family” (Opret min family). That way, we can quickly identify them if they need help via the insurance. Please note that cover ends on the day the individual child turns 24.

Go to Min side to register your children

Register your spouse or cohabitant

With your health insurance, you can also take out cover for your spouse/cohabitant.

Price for your spouse/cohabitant: DKK 4.084,66. Annual price per. person incl. non-life insurance tax of 1.1% of the price of the insurance and guarantee fund contribution of DKK 40. The price is valid up to and including 01.12.2024

For spouses/cohabitants, it applies that examination and treatment of illnesses and injuries that occurred before registration is only covered after 6 months of insurance (waiting period). If your partner has had health insurance with another company, the earned seniority can be transferred and set off against the qualifying period. However, there must be no slip between the two insurances. Spouses/cohabitants are covered by our private insurance conditions which means that there may be a difference between the coverage you have and the coverage your partner has. You can find the product sheet (IPID) regarding your family's insurance here.

The first charge is free. If you register your health insurance with Betalingsservice (payment service), you will avoid future collection fees of DKK 50 per month. charging. Sign up for Betalingsservicr here.

File a claim

Life happens and sometimes you need a little help to get by. We are here to make sure, you are taken care of when you are in need of your health insurance.

File your claim online

  1. Download and fill out the claim form
  2. Once you've filled out the form login with a Danish MitID and upload the form to us. Unfortunately this page is in Danish, but all you need to do is upload the form.
  3. We begin to process your claim

The claim process Your claim will be processed within 1-2 workdays after we receive it. We'll let you know whether your insurance covers the claim or not and how to proceed with booking a treatment or further examination. 

If further information from your physician is required for us to process your claim we'll let you know - as processing time may take longer.


In the conditions (Danish only) you can read all the details about our health insurance. It is a gross set of conditions, which means that there may be covers and conditions which are not relevant to you. You can always log in to Min side and see your specific conditions.

IPID sheet

In the IPID product sheet you'll get an overview of what the health condition covers - and doesn't cover. Only in Danish unfortunately.

Do you need help?

If you have questions about your options, coverage, claims notification or the like, you are always welcome to contact us by phone at (+45) 70 10 90 09. You are also welcome to write an email to us at: sundhed-info@gjensidige.dk